Why Disney?

So maybe a yellow eyed Jawa is not what you think of when you think Disney, but this picture is part of why I love taking my family to Disney World. This picture represents the unexpected surprises that you can find around every turn. Sophie and Ben are emerging Star Wars fans so going to Star Wars Launch Bay in Hollywood Studios is a must do for our family. Inside there are numerous props from the movies and lines to meet Kylo Ren and Chewbacca. Both are excellent meets but it is the Jawas that are some of my favorites. These characters roam the area looking for someone to trade with them. The picture is a result of a very successful trade. Sophie traded the Jawa something bright and shiny (their favorite) for a piece of a droid. The Jawa was so excited about his trade that he there his arm up in the air and invited Sophie to do the same. 

Disney magic isn’t only found in the popular rides or character meet and greets. It is often in little details like the chance encounter with a Jawa, the windows on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom that pay tribute to Disney pioneers of decades past, the cast members that sprinkle your party with “pixie dust” with a fun surprise, and so much more. People often ask, why Disney? Why do you take your family there so much? Why did you go into business as a travel agent that specializes in Disney? The answer is simple. We love the Disney “magic”! We love seeing our kids be kids without a care in the world. We love seeing them try new experiences whether it’s a new to them ride (Tower of Terror on the last trip), or a new food. We love time together as a family without the interruptions of life. Disney is not reality. We know that. And it is certainly a luxury. But if you have the time, and you have the resources, I promise you that you will not be disappointed going to Disney World.

At Travel to the Mouse, I make sure that you are in the best position possible to experience all the magic Disney has to offer. Client after client have come back saying they could not believe how much help my services were! Maybe you are asking yourself right now, “Of all the vacations I could go on, why disney?” Contact me today to see why Disney may be the perfect vacation for you! Let me help you make all your Disney dreams come true!