Why You Should Use a Travel Agent

So yesterday was a crazy day! Be Our Guest is a very popular restaurant at the Magic Kingdom whose reservations at dinner fill up almost immediately. Lunch has been a different story. Lunch at BOG has been a quick service meal as opposed to a table service meal at dinner. Anyone could walk in and eat lunch as long as they were willing to wait in a pretty long line. Some guests were invited to be a part of a special Fast Pass Plus Test that allowed guests who stayed on site to skip the lines. All of that changed yesterday. Disney rolled out a new lunch reservation system for BOG, which is the first time a quick service restaurant has offered reservations.

So yesterday here is what you had: Popular Restaurant + New Reservation System= Chaos. Absolute Chaos. I kid you not the entire reservation system was shut down. Not the Be Our Guest Reservation system, not the dining reservation system. the whole Disney reservation system. There is a special phone number for travel agents to call. It was down. Wouldn’t even ring. I got those annoying dial tones you get when a number is disconnected. How does one restaurant bring down an entire system?!?!?

So why am I telling you all of this? I’ve said from the beginning of this little venture that a travel agent is there to take the stress out of your trip. I’m here to do the hard work so you don’t have to. My day started with looking for reservations for clients EARLY in the morning only to find nothing available, but by the end EVERY ONE of my clients who had given me their log in info had a reservation.

Most people, even Disney experts, don’t have the time to fight through system failures. Most don’t have jobs where they can monitor a developing situation in the parks in order to get that perfect reservation. Using a travel agent like me isn’t just about getting you the best deal, though I certainly will! I’m here to add to the magic, to make sure you have every chance at experiencing everything you want to, and to take the burden of planning off your plate. And I do it all at no cost to you!

So how can I make your Disney dreams come true? How can I take the stress of planning away so you can dream big and enjoy every part of your trip, even the days and months leading up to it! Email me today to started on making your Disney dreams a reality!